About me

I am a fourth-year PhD student from the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University. My advisor is Prof. Ninghui Li. In Fall 2018, I did an intern in Alibaba with Dr. Bolin Ding. Before that, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Software School, Fudan University, under the supervision of Prof. Yunlei Zhao.

I study differential privacy (DP) and local DP (LDP), with a focus on designing algorithms that work in practice. I started my research from designing algorithms for computational geometry problems; then I designed an searchable encryption (SSE) scheme.

News : Attend SIGMOD (to present HIO, our LDP paper done at Alibaba), visit CISPA, and attend the Annual PSCR Stakeholder Meeting (to present DPSyn, our solution to the DP synthetic dataset challenge) in the first two weeks of July.

Last updated: June. 8th, 2019